Alex Luna

From copywriting to Swift: writing words and code to craft meaningful experiences.

Alex Luna na Garagem Infinita

About me

I've always written for a living.

As a copywriter with over 20 years of experience, I have a proven track record of crafting compelling stories and messages across various mediums, including scripts, print ads, and websites. My work has been published in Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

In addition to my advertising background, I also have a master's degree in game design, where I focused on interactive storytelling in digital formats. I have recently turned my attention to app development, learning to code and creating a few software experiments.

I believe in using words and logic to solve problems and bring ideas to life. That's what I've been doing for the past two decades, and I'll continue to do it as I explore new opportunities in the tech industry.


  • Over 20 years of experience in advertising, multiple countries and markets, and expertise in transcreation.
  • Successfully co-founded and exited a creative coworking space in Lisbon.
  • Passion for game design and interactive storytelling, with a Master's degree and involvement in tabletop role-playing games dating back to the 1990s.
  • Self-taught iOS developer.

My experience

As a seasoned advertising copywriter with over two decades of experience, I have worked with companies across the globe - from Brazil and Spain to the US and Portugal. I have particular expertise in transcreation, adapting ad campaigns for different cultures and markets. My background in digital advertising spans various industries, including technology, automotive, finance, consumer packaged goods, alcoholic beverages, travel, B2B, software, and startups.

I have a solid educational foundation, with degrees in advertising and digital strategy and a master's degree in game design, which led me to delve into coding develop skills in software development. I have continued to learn and grow in this field, teaching myself iOS development and even creating a few apps and microsites as personal projects.

My passion for game design and interactive storytelling dates back to my involvement with tabletop role-playing games in the 1990s. This interest in collaborative storytelling is crucial for my master's thesis.

In 2017, I founded a coworking company called Garagem Infinita. I successfully exited the company in 2022 and am looking for new opportunities to utilize my skills and experience in the tech industry.


  • Digital Advertising, Copywriting, Branding
  • Transcreation, Content creation, Translation
  • Game design, Interactive storytelling, Collaborative storytelling
  • Software development, iOS development, Python

Stuff I'm interested

  • Mobile Development
  • Gamification
  • TTRPGs
  • Entrepreneurship

My work

(here I keep track of some work I've done over the years)

With some programming courses during my Masters' degree, and a lot of self-study with courses and books, I learned to code in Python, Swift, and some more.

Currently I’m working on my Swift skills and improving the UI in a few SwiftUI projects.

(These are some iOS apps I have in development.)

(Selected and featured ad campaigns I'm proud of.)

These are some advertising agencies I've worked on and a few highlighted projects.


(These are published and self-published books.)

  • Click here to see my (almost 100%) updated LinkedIn profile.
Garagem Infinita

Back in 2017, I co-founded and ran a successful creative coworking space in Lisbon. Along with my business partner, I transformed a garage space into a trendy destination for creatives, startups, and studios, called Garagem Infinita. As a co-owner, I wore many hats - from handling financial matters and opening the company to hiring staff, managing the building renovation, and creating websites and social media campaigns.

We successfully exited the business in 2022.


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