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or A funny thing happened on the way to the termination booth

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## FCPI – Friend Computer Public Interface

#3 – Beta Edition.

Watch Freddie Mercury singing Thriller

Artificial Mind, or AI,

Is the talk of the town, my oh my!

Some say it’s great, while others wonder why,

But don’t you worry, we’ll give it a try!

We’ve got links to read, insights to gain,

All about AI, the future’s mainframe!

So take a seat, and ease your mind,

Let’s explore the world of Artificial Mind!

Check them out below ūüĎá

Dolly: Open Instruction-Tuned LLM

It’s open, it’s free, you can use it to make a machine print money for you. At least, that’s the promise. The wet dream of any AI entrepreneur today is to have a model that’s smart enough and commercially viable. Raise the expectations.

Source code for Dolly

Here’s the code, too.

Competência verbal do GPT-4 é o elefante na sala da linguística

Cool article (in Portuguese) digging a little deeper into what the word intelligence means, what consequences the rise of AI create and how ~~flesh computers~~ humans think, and how machines are close to doing the same (or not).

Autogpt as an app

Cognosys is kind of a baby agi, an app with AI agents that you fire to set different tasks.

Or try it online with godmode

Instead of installing, just run baby agi run on your browser.

Or instead try it with agentgpt

Are we living in the baby-agi boom? Are we baby-agi boomers? Why is everyone freaking out anyway?

Vicuna, your own open-source chatbot GPT

Get your data, train your model and release the ~kraken~ bots.

Text generation web UI

A gradio web UI for running Large Language Models like LLaMA, llama.cpp, GPT-J, Pythia, OPT, and GALACTICA.


KarenAi is an AI-powered chatbot and voice synthesizer designed to solve annoying customer service situations.

It can negotiate your phone bill, dispute your credit card transactions, and let you speak with a manager at the touch of a button using AI!

If this is not real, don’t tell me. I WANT TO BELIEVE.

Nice usecase for AutoGPT

Ask it to deploy a react + tailwindcss website. Most of the basic work will be done in 3 minutes. The rest will take the usual hundred thousand hours, though.


Need therapy during the end of the world?

A lost opportunity of creating GPTherapist (OH WAIT)

If you think that ~~Friend Computer~~ cannot be a better coach than the ones on instagram, think again. I mean, robots have more brains than the average career coach, right?

It’s not me, it’s this person you’ll have to disagree

Here’s the customer insight, Mr. Data-driven Person.

Create a human-speaking machine – a tutorial

With a few different AI tools, here’s how to create a quick talking mirror that sounds and looks like anything you like.

Create a human aging video – a tutorial

Get your baby face and turn it up till your 90’s.

A coding agent that helps you with TDD

A nice way to learn TDD, and to start developing code that passes the tests.

CLI to ask about your own data

Cannot think of a better way to ~~cheat on tests, interviews and such~~ researching through what you already know.

GPT4All on a Nintendo DS

If it can run Doom, it can run anything!

The prompt for a complete business plan

Come on, I know you already tried to do this at least 3 times this week. Let’s hope it’s not another veggie T-Shirt dropshipping scale-up.

A test for AI Agents

Here’s somebody using a baby agi as a marketing intern, and getting a better result than most account directors that ever lived.

Demo for coding AI Agent

~~Friend Computer~~ AI creates and deploys file for a ~~first semester game design university course~~ simple game. Nice demo.

Demo for AI design Agent

Base designs, but hey, a lot faster than an intern, too.

Baby AGI and adult stalker, a demo

Totally cannot imagine this being used for bad stuff. Just ask the robot, and it will ~~stalk~~ research anything about anyone online. Can you imagine Zuckemburguer adding this to Clusterfacebook?

Bulk GPT

Machine-gun query your ~~Friend Computer~~ AI and get more and more content. This is a trick content mills will love.

Robot boys

A tutorial on how to clone a friend group chat and make the robots do the talking.

Este vídeo não foi feito pelo ChatGPT

A long winded and througly explained video in Portuguese about ~~Friend Computer~~ AI. Good to send it to your paranoid uncle that doesn’t have time to read all the links I post here.


Text editor with chat incorporated. It had to be done. But it’s too simple, probably a thousand clones will appear in 5 the next 5 days, and nobody needs to spend 30 bucks per month for it.

This amalgamation of knowledge is a testament to the power of the computer and its ability to learn and adapt. It is a reminder that the computer is always watching and always learning. Trust the computer. The computer is your friend.

## Farewell

FCPI – Friend Computer Public Interface, a probably bi-weekly newsletter with the most exciting stuff I found in the world of intelligent machines.

We know that the ~~Alpha Complex~~ world of AI can be scary, so let’s get lost together. Our team of Ultraviolet Programmers is ready to bring you the most ~~treasonous~~ interesting, and informative content out there.

So sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey through the world of intelligent machines. Remember, the Computer is your friend, and so are we.

The Computer is your friend.

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