No robot will ever replace me, screamed the switchboard operator – FCPI #01

Greetings, Citizen.

A week-cycle ago, I thought the world was going to change every 15 days.

No more. We have an emergency. A truck-load of information about intelligent robots has appeared in the wild. Here’s what I’ve seen this week.

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Robot writing newsletter – AI generated

FCPI – Friend Computer Public Interface

#1 – Beta Edition.

No robot will ever replace me, screamed the switchboard operator

or Everything is Average Nowadays

Artificial Intelligence, or ~~Friend Computer~~ AI, has become a buzzword that has dominated headlines and conversations across various industries. Some people are excited about the possibilities it presents while others are skeptical and cautious.

Regardless of where you stand on the topic, I’ve compiled a list of fascinating links about AI that provide valuable insights and shed light on its potential impact.

There are tons of tools to create using AI. It looks like the web 2.0 a few milisseconds before burst, when the web universe collapsed into the blogosphere. But while it doesn’t happen, we can see people creating a ton of different stuff.

Cue to

That sound you’re hearing is the cry for help of a million creative professionals, shouting to their lungs that the machine will never be creative enough.

The age of average

An article arguing about how the massive interconnection generated by the interwebs created an average taste that permeates everything creative. And a great missed opportunity of writing the title “Everything is average nowadays.”

I won’t argue that. But average machine creativity is already better than crap. And according to (Sturgeon’s Law)[], 90% of everything is crap, so we can safely say that ~~Friend Computer~~ is already capable of doing 90% of creative work.

Check it out: 👇

Canva Create

Canva is deploying AI tools. Now it’s gonna be even easier to create average graphic design.


While you can’t make a clip for the Kaiser Chiefs, this AI tool that lets you automatically create videos from image or audio. It has a few presets, I guess that’s to restrict the prompts to stuff that already works. Like many tools, interesting and waiting for an use-case.

Headlines AI

Need an opening for the video? Keep it average with a microserve that creates Buzzfeed-y SEO headlines. If used as a part of a pipeline, could be interesting. Imagine replacing the staff of a small local newspaper with this, and your average content-mill freelancer.

Keyword Camera

Prop the average creativity with microservice that generates keywords for images. It could be implemented into a pipeline as well. Leave the boring to the bots.

Adobe Firefly

Adobe has entered the chat. And is now generating images with AI. For all the designers that are already using their ecossystem, it can be a very nifty tool. The art directors that spent afternoons looking for images, drawing storyboards or researching are out of luck today.

Holy Friend Computer Digital Creativity

Website summary

Another microservice asking to be pipelined. It gets a website and explains what it is about. Site Explainer is an alternative.


Replaces words for synonyms. Or, in other words, fire your copywriters.

Adobe Podcast

AI audio editor for podcasts. Similar to the idea for video I was considering last week.

Music Generation ML from Google

Insane results from text prompts made music that’s actually very passable. There won’t be a Mozart, but also there won’t be background tracks for advertising anymore. You know, those cheap generic soundtracks that used to come from libraries.


Of course, you’ll need a voice-over. Let’s hire Morgan Freeman Friend Computer!

Check ou this voice generator with AI.


With the face of Henry VIII Friend Computer as well!

Video generator with AI.

That’s it. 90% of crap digital creativity is already replaced. Now we need to learn how to stay in the 10% that still thinks.

Reflections of a 3D artist that was replaced by a robot

Forget about your neo-luddism, and put yourself in the shoes of this human being. Their job was replaced, because the parte they loved most about the work is now being done by an electric brain. For them, it’s heartbreaking. For robots, it’s Monday. Robots don’t have hearts.

AI as intern

Most of what really has been impressing me of using Friend Computer AI to work in the last months isn’t groundbreaking results, mindblowing code or texts, but the capability of doing the basics way faster than a human being. As Austin Kleon puts, quoting Kevin Kelly, “using AI as an intern”, somebody you ask to do the blunt and boring parts of the profession.

Friend Computer is definitely capable of doing more and better, but if you’re not using it, at least, to Automate the Boring Parts, you’re using it wrong.

A twitter thread explaining how to prompt

As a very old IBM ad used to say: “People should think, computers should work.” This is the same, but organized into prompting. Learn how to ask what the computer will answer, or the reply will be 42 and it won’t be useful.

A Brain-Hive explains what do they use AI for

Hacker News discussion about uses for Chat GPT. Some of the tools replaced: Stack Overflow, non-psychotic interns, therapists, contract reviewers, boilerplate coders, second brains, language teachers, and a few more.

Speechless. Nothing can describe the technical awesomeness of this video.

But now, for something completely different, let’s see what else Friend Computer has learned to do, and that can blow your mind. 🤯

Bing is already getting traction

Because it’s now smarter and powered by smart robots, Microsoft’s research engine (!) is now getting up to speed against uberpresent competitor from Google. Well, at least, Chandler Bing can read through SEO stuff and interpret the results of the search.

And yes, generate images, too.

Mobile GPT

Turn Chat GPT into a mobile assistant. Another interface for Friend Computer AI. There are several different implementations of that, such as What the Chat and Chat GPT Buddy.

That means having a personal Jarvis, or a Marvin, right on your pocket, ready to tell you depressing things where’s the best place for some Avocado Toast.

Pick a topic. AI will create two profiles, and start arguing pro, or against it. Can you imagine a million bots doing that?

Yes, the bird site has that too. But, in this case, you won’t have to shell $8 for a blue badge.

Weird dog (the small one)

ChatGPT plugins

Friend Computer Chat GPT now has memory supplements and extra powers. Travel search, math, physics, shopping, Zapier automations (!). I can’t even start brainstorming on outputs, but probably most of the startups that launched in the last month are already dead on water. At least 2 of the apps I thought on developing surely are.

Wolfram Alpha now gives superpowers to Chat GPT

Completely mindblown. AI has learned advanced math and physics with Wolfram Alpha.

GitHub Copilot X

Pair Programming with a Robot. That’s even cooler, right? I mean, you get to eat all the pizzas while creating software.

Sparks of Artificial General Intelligence

Sparks! Lightning bolts! Thunder!

Soon, Friend Computer AI will be fully intelligent. Or, at least, smarter than me.

There’s nothing sacred anymore

Theory of Mind May Have Spontaneously Emerged in Large Language Models

Theory of Mind is something that humans grow to develop. Some hare-brained people don’t ever develop it, and GPT for is apparently comparable to a 7-year old.

Pretend Optimization – A Guide To Understanding “Friend Computer”

A creative commons doc written as a supplement to Paranoia RPG. Probably will have some mentions to LLM and stuff.

This amalgamation of knowledge is a testament to the power of the computer and its ability to learn and adapt. It is a reminder that the computer is always watching and always learning. Trust the computer. The computer is your friend.

## Farewell

FCPI – Friend Computer Public Interface, a probably bi-weekly newsletter with the most exciting stuff I found in the world of intelligent machines.

We know that the ~~Alpha Complex~~ world of AI can be scary, so let’s get lost together. Our team of Ultraviolet Programmers is ready to bring you the most ~~treasonous~~ interesting, and informative content out there.

So sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey through the world of intelligent machines. Remember, the Computer is your friend, and so are we.

The Computer is your friend.

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