Senior Copywriter at Samba Rock Miami (2021-2023)

Social Media Story for Guaraná Antarctica

As a senior copywriter at SambaRock, I have a track record of crafting engaging ads, brand, and social media content for clients in the US and LatAm markets in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

FedEx B2B Print ads

Small business need a partner to help them grow overseas, and FedEx wants to be this partner. A simple, but powerful way to show small business getting closer to the markets they want to reach, through FedEx.

Hershey’s – Caribbean Promo

We did a promotion for Hershey’s, for Jamaica and other English-speaking countries in the Caribbean, to bring the winners to the Track’n’Field games in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Bravo website

This is a website proposal for the agency, to respond to the concept The New America.