como fazer reuniões menos inúteis

Que as reuniões são a maior perda de tempo profissional hoje em dia, todo mundo sabe. Mas há gente tentando hackear isso e encontrar uma solução que melhore a vida de todos os envolvidos. O pessoal da Undercurrent fez um resumo de seis passos que me pareceu bastante interessante:

The basic format is this:

Present Proposal. Proposer describes her tension and proposes a solution.

Clarifying Questions. Participants can ask questions of the proposer to clarify their understanding. Proposer can respond, but no other discussion is allowed.

Reactions. Participants can voice support, share their opinion, and suggest changes. Proposer cannot respond, Again, no other dialogue is allowed.

Amend & Clarify. Proposer has the option to amend, clarify, or remove the proposal from the table. No discussion.

Objections. If anyone objects to the proposal they are captured and tested for validity (more on this later). The proposal is adopted if none surface.

Integration. The goal is to craft an amended proposal that satisfies any objections and the original Proposer’s tension. Each objection is processed one at a time. Once they are all integrated, go through another Objection Round.

viaUC Observations: Meeting With Purpose.

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