É possível nascer no lugar errado?

Uma das melhores razões para não se acreditar em amigos imaginários é a mais simples de todas. É possível que um deus seja tão sacana a ponto de condenar todos os polinésios, só porque eles nasceram numa praia linda?

For me, my religious beliefs changed when it occurred to me that the choice of one’s religion is almost entirely determined by what you were exposed to by your parents and community growing up. People very rarely thoroughly research multiple religions before choosing one, so it’s basically up to the luck of your birth. And if there’s one “right” religion and the others are wrong, then that implies that God sends billions of babies’ souls to be born into families and communities that will doom them. And for that to be true, it seemed to me that God would have to be a dick.

viaHave You Ever Changed Your Mind? – By Diana Wales | Scott Adams Blog.

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