O meio não é a metade. É a mensagem.

Vídeos do Kickstarter virando conteúdo para o New York Times. O criador de conteúdo vira canal, o canal vira meio, a mensagem se confunde. E tudo fica um pouco mais diferente.

Expect more the same. Earlier this week, the Times announced a partnership with Kickstarter, which is providing the media company access to its community of filmmakers. The Times already has posted six short documentaries to its new “Made With Kickstarter” video section, with plans to feature one film on its homepage and YouTube channel each week. The content alliance represents a strategic shift for the Times, as it opens itself further to outside contributors in an effort to drive video viewership and grow its audience.

viaWhy The New York Times teamed up with Kickstarter – Digiday.

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