Toda vez que alguém fala “let’s go digital” eu vomito um pouco

Digital não é meio.

Every day I work with startups and large corporations trying to uncover the secret sauce of the startups. I’m the guy who plays on both sides. If there was one thing I could tell the Fortune 500 on their immediate future it would be this: there is no digital, there is only life. Consumers don’t delineate their digital and analogue existence. And so neither should companies. Having a digital strategy is flawed by definition. It reflects the viewpoint that digital is that bit 0f the business over there (pun intended). Today having a digital strategy is akin to having an electricity strategy. Pointless. Strategy is all encompassing, which means there shouldn’t be a digital director or division. It’s everyone’s job to know this stuff, and fully understand the new tools of business. The people who don’t get it by now need to be replaced.

viaStartups are the new MTV – and 15 other thoughts for 2015 | Start Up Blog.

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