A coisa mais inteligente que eu li hoje

E que eu gostaria que um chefe me tivesse ensinado.

“The company we work for does not care about us. They don’t care about me, and they don’t care about you. I’ll try and help you, as a person in your career. If that means that you need to work elsewhere, I’ll help you get there, to a better place. If that means that I need to be more loyal to you, than the company we work for, I’ll do that too. In the end companies will come and go, we’ll be inside one for a period, and then we won’t. And the company won’t care once we’re gone, it’ll be as if we never existed. The thing that really matters, while we are here working for this company, is each other. Our relationships will last through and beyond the companies we go through, so let’s look after each other first. And if we do this, the companies we work for will be the ultimate beneficiaries anyway.”

viaSomething I told every staff member I ever had & you should too | Start Up Blog.

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