a coisa que eu mais detesto no mundo é papo de branding

A pior coisa do mundo é conversar com alguém apaixonado por algo que você acha banal. Um fanático por arte abstrata. Um leitor de nova literatura brasileira fantástica. Uma criança de dois anos que ama a Peppa Pig.

Tá, ok, querido, mas isso a mi no me importa un huevo.

Okay, just for the record let’s state the obvious:

Yes, having a strong brand is very valuable.

Yes, the highest goal of advertising is to create a strong brand.

Now, let’s get to the bullshit

No, for the most part consumers are not in love with brands

No, consumers do not want want to have a conversation with your brand, or an “authentic relationship” with it, or co-create with it, or engage with it, or dance with it, or take a shower with it.

viaThe Ad Contrarian: There’s No Bullshit Like Brand Bullshit..

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