Fotografia não é arte. Mas há arte na fotografia.

Seu instagram não é arte, filho. Pra que seja, é preciso que você pense um pouco antes.

Photography matters when it finds original subject matter. It is a record of the world, so the real art of the camera lies in discovering something new and personal or revelatory. When Richard Billingham turned the camera on his family he showed his own world, bravely, movingly. When Robert Capa took his camera to the heart of war he found unforgettable truths. Brassai discovered an entire nocturnal world of magic, desire and sleaze in his book Paris by Night. Garry Winogrand had an incredible eye for the strange and compelling and his photographs bristle with reality. Larry Burrows in Vietnam created images that seem composed by some great tragic artist yet are utterly, dreadfully real.

viaWhy does our Instagram generation think its snaps are so special? | Art and design | The Guardian.

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