Talento não tem nada a ver com ganhar dinheiro

Era um post sobre algo completamente diferente, mas o Rob Campbell mostrou um pequeno insight no final do seu texto, que vale a pena ser lembrado por quem trabalha com criatividade.

The founder of Spotify is worth approximately 3 billion dollars, which is about 2.4 billion dollars more than Paul McCartney – one of histories richest and most successful composers and performers – despite having never written a single song.

Which all goes to show that while creativity may have the power to inspire, it’s the people who know how to monetise its power and control it’s distribution that makes the real money.

Might be a lesson adland could do with remembering.

viaA Double Reminder Why Life Can Be Unfair … | The Musings Of An Opinionated Sod [Help Me Grow!].

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