Garagem Infinita

“Garagem Infinita was a coworking space for creatives in the heart of Lisbon, founded in 2017. Designed to be a collaborative environment for designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads, the space was a valuable learning experience for its founder.

Dell Rivals World Cup

Dell Rivals

Dell tells the story of two childhood friends that cheer for rival soccer teams, and use technology to compete and outdo each other. During the spot, the two tease and mock each other in funny and escalating ways, always using their devices.

FedEx Same Day Air

An International Shipping Experience How long does it take to ship something from one country to another? With FedEx, it can be a fast and thrilling ride that can get it done in seconds. The idea was to showcase a speedy Fedex delivery by sponsoring a zip line that crosses the borders of Portugal and Spain. This zip line is the … Read More

FedEx Brazil to US iPad ad

This interactive ad could only happen inside a digital magazine. By using a single page that resembled a simple print ad, we could surprise every reader. With one swipe, all the magazine’s readers swapped the background of the ad and delivered the punch line, sending the package from Brazil to the US. Message delivered. That fast.

FedEx B2B Print ads

Small business need a partner to help them grow overseas, and FedEx wants to be this partner. A simple, but powerful way to show small business getting closer to the markets they want to reach, through FedEx.

Dell – Tiësto social media contest

To promote the Alienware brand among young people in Mexico, Dell sponsored a presentation from global star DJ Tiësto, and gave away some tickets in our Facebook page in the form of a fight for the tickets. The campaign also had OOH components.

Dell XPS 13 Print and Guerrilla campaign

Client: Dell Media: Print/Digital/Guerrila Market: Mexico Creative Director: Noel Artilles/Fernando Iglesias Art Director: Eli Ferrer / Pablo Soria Copywriter: Alex Luna The story: To launch the XPS 13 in Mexico, the Ultrabook that was Dell’s flagship model in 2012, we transcreated several different Print, TV and OOH material, and the team and we proposed a guerrilla initiative. All commercials for this campaign must … Read More