Cold Turkey App for iPhone

Cold Turkey for iOS alpha release logo

Can’t resist the urge to doomscroll? Do you feel social media is taking too much time of your life? Is doom scrolling taking too much time from your daily life or preventing you from concentrating on work or studying? Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through social media for hours? Have you ever considered the nuclear option and deleting your … Read More

iOS Development – Apps Developed in 2022

Swift logo

In 2021 and 2022, I developed several iOS apps using Swift, including a 2048 clone, a card game, and a mileage tracker, among other MacOS utilities and games. My skills in iOS development have continued to grow and improve.

Remember that night – Python/Flask web app

Screenshots of Remember that night webapp

Remember That Night is a clever Python and Flask web app that automatically curates Spotify playlists based on festival lineups and dates. The web app, which was originally deployed on Heroku (and was live for a couple of years), allows users to input festival names, years, and the bands that performed. The server then scours Spotify for the top hits … Read More


O poeta francês Stéphane Mallarmé compôs no século XIX Un coup de dés, que chamou de um poema prismático, no qual os versos seriam subdivisões que poderiam ser recombinadas, como peças, ou ilhas de significação, como um Lego que permite criar vários brinquedos diferentes. Em português, o Haroldo de Campos traduziu e também fez várias experimentações com textos não-lineares. Raymond … Read More

Garagem Infinita

“Garagem Infinita was a coworking space for creatives in the heart of Lisbon, founded in 2017. Designed to be a collaborative environment for designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads, the space was a valuable learning experience for its founder.