Conchita Foods – Social Media

As a senior copywriter at SambaRock, I had the opportunity to work on the Conchita Foods brand in the US market. My work primarily focused on crafting engaging content in English, with a few touches of Spanglish to appeal to the brand’s Hispanic audience.

Saphirus – Social Media

Saphirus Air FreshenersAs a senior copywriter at SambaRock, I worked with the Saphirus brand in the US market. My responsibilities included creating monthly social media content in English for Instagram, Facebook, and email marketing.Social Media ContentThe work involved creating monthly social media content for Instagram, Facebook, and email marketing and developing branded content and promotional materials for events.PromoAdditionally, I developed … Read More

Senior Copywriter at Samba Rock Miami (2021-2023)

Social Media Story for Guaraná Antarctica

As a senior copywriter at SambaRock, I have a track record of crafting engaging ads, brand, and social media content for clients in the US and LatAm markets in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Another 2048 Puzzle

Introducing a new game for iOS 14 and up: a 2048 clone built in SwiftUI 2.0 by Alex Luna. This game features the latest @App architecture, localization in Portuguese, and customizable board sizes.

Cold Turkey App for iPhone

Cold Turkey for iOS alpha release logo

Can’t resist the urge to doomscroll? Do you feel social media is taking too much time of your life? Is doom scrolling taking too much time from your daily life or preventing you from concentrating on work or studying? Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through social media for hours? Have you ever considered the nuclear option and deleting your … Read More

Remember that night – Python/Flask web app

Screenshots of Remember that night webapp

Remember That Night is a clever Python and Flask web app that automatically curates Spotify playlists based on festival lineups and dates. The web app, which was originally deployed on Heroku (and was live for a couple of years), allows users to input festival names, years, and the bands that performed. The server then scours Spotify for the top hits … Read More

Dell Rivals World Cup

Dell Rivals

Dell tells the story of two childhood friends that cheer for rival soccer teams, and use technology to compete and outdo each other. During the spot, the two tease and mock each other in funny and escalating ways, always using their devices.